61% of marketers ranked improving “their ability to measure and analyze their marketing impact” as a vital priority. 

92% of marketers reported that their company views content as a business asset. 

62% of companies that have 5,000 employees or more produce daily content. 

The biggest challenges for content marketing are reportedly lack of data (27%) and lack of strategy (28%). 

36.7% of marketers report that creating engaging visual content consistently is one of their top struggles. 

64% of B2B content marketers use PPC or SEM for content distribution. 

38% of content marketers rate their content marketing strategy as average. Only 9% believe their strategy is excellent. 

78% of content marketers incorporate press release services into their content strategy. 

Changes to Search Algorithms is the top concern (61%) of content marketing organizations, followed by social media algorithm changes at 45%. 

76% of content marketers use organic traffic as a key metric to measuring content success. Only 22% use backlinks. 

Stock photography (40%) and infographics (37%) are the most frequently used visual content